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The UAB “Terra IT” company, having many years of experience in the development of IT business management systems, offers its project management information system – Terra Project. This solution includes all processes of project management, starting from the ordering of needed goods from the suppliers, project finance management, offer creation and contract conclusion, ending with works’ act signing, sales document conclusion and forming various reports. The whole project management process is connected as a single definite chain, easing the transfer of data and information between the company employees and other used systems, since the entirety of the information is located in the same place and can be reviewed in real time by each employee. The use of Terra Project project management tools reduces the amount of manual work, excludes repetitive data entry in to systems and possible related errors, makes important decisions easier to make and saves working time of employees, which is synonymous with company’s costs. A simple and clear system user interface is created, easily and quickly understandable by the users with its models comprehensibly depicted and grouped.
Terra Project – is a project management system created according to a modular principle. Each system module allows managing its functions, making it easier to navigate the system. All data are described and grouped together in their designated module. Information is easily findable, and the project management system modules can be easily adapted according to the needs of every client. A wide functionality of the system will satisfy the expectations of every client since it is adapted in all project management sectors, such as building, engineering, electricity, ventilation, constructions etc.

Why choose Terra Project?


The web browser-based system is available from any location convenient for you in real time. It allows you to use any device you find convenient. This project management system loads quickly, so you will not have to wait for long to start using it. System functions allow quick navigation, the menu operation is clear and easily understandable, making it easy to start working with the system.


The system can be adapted according to individual needs of your company. It is also possible to integrate the systems you need. All of the needed adaptations or changes will be executed according to the need of the client. The system is flexible and can be additionally adapted according to the needs and activities of a specific company, making the system suit companies active in various fields of activities.


Quick and responsible system maintenance and help will ensure its impeccable performance. Fast reaction time to client requests, with answers and help provided in a timely fashion. Each client request is processed and solved on time. Each client is important, that is why we strive to help him and answer his questions as fast as we can.


We have several basic pricing plans with their different variations. Pricing choice or selection depends on Your needs and requirements.

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